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This online session is tailored to your comfort zone of Zoom or phone call. In one-on-one coaching sessions, we will dive deep to discover repeated cycles and patterns in your life. We will unearth deep roots of false beliefs, painful memories, or painful stories you’ve told yourself. Once these roots are unearthed, we will use God’s Light to rework them into truth and begin to change your path. After reworking your patterns in each session, you’ll begin to experience inner change and peace. You’ll go from feeling like a weighted blanket has been laying on your chest to feeling as light as a feather floating through the air. 

Personal Coaching Sessions

Where you'll stop surviving and start flourishing

Who It's For

For the woman who: 

Wants clarity and purpose in life

questions God’s love and feels hopeless

craves more but is afraid of change

Struggles to discern truth

is wrapped in guilt, lies, and shame

Feels deep sorrow and pain 

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Friend, you matter. The sparkle in your eye that was once there will come back. Peace that surpasses all understanding is meant for you. You are powerfully and wonderfully made, and you’ve forgotten that for a moment…but that moment is over. Now is your moment to come alive again. To feel a sense of purpose. To feel happy and free again. All you have to do is…start here. 

An abundant life is waiting for you...

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I will always be grateful for Cambria’s pure concern for my daughter. Cambria left her feeling loved and lifted, cared for and capable, happy and whole. In short, my family - and not just through my daughter - are better because of the love Cambria consistently demonstrated. Perhaps the highest compliment that I can give is that I would trust her to provide sound faith-based counsel to those I love most - my family.


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She has the ability to feel and understand what others are going through and a keen desire to help them heal from hurts, misunderstandings and false beliefs. She’s had the courage to face hard things herself and overcome them regardless of timeline or scale. She is a very strong woman whose thirst for gaining knowledge never ends.


Kind Words

The 4 Courses 

Chaning your life one course at a time


For the women who feel stuck…I’m bringing you 4 prayerfully crafted courses focused on Truth, Change, Love, & Nurture. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will learn how to walk in the light of God and change our sorrows into happiness…after all, joy comes in the morning right? We will walk through topics like healing our hearts through forgiveness and letting go of the pain. I help you focus on renewing your thoughts so you can live in God’s perfect will for your choices and life. 

This is for women who are ready to dig their heels in and process the pain of their current situations and past. Women who want to gain wisdom and have a fresh outlook on life. You’ll learn to walk through even the toughest of mindsets so you’re living in truth and light daily. 

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I am no ordinary woman…and my friend, neither are you. You see, I was once like you. Frustrated. Restless. Stuck. In pain. I had no idea how to accept God’s love. But then I started growing into wholeness. And now I have an insatiable desire to help women like you nurture your mind, body, and spirit so you can experience God’s love and peace exactly as His Word promises. 

I'm so glad you're here!


As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I’ll help you discover God’s Purpose & truth for you, and Ladies…your life is about to completely change.


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